This a University level live brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2016. We were challenged to create a unisex personal care brand free from gender stereotypes.

I named my brand EQUAL, a simple single word that means so much to so many. It also represents our overall goal as a society; for everyone to be equal. Within the word-mark is a (not so) hidden equal sign between the E and Q. This hidden symbol becomes the main focus of the identity as we move to the packaging where I opt for a enlarged cropped word-mark where the equal sign takes center stage. Each product is marked with a different randomly assigned colour. The colours purpose is to differentiate between products, not to imply the use of any one gender. Together the colours can be used to create a rainbow that is reminiscent of an LGBTQ+ flag, but cannot be attributed to any one category. This brand is for everyone, because we are all Equal.

Competition Brief

D&AD New Blood Awards 2016

equal logo
equal packaging
equal packaging
equal pckaging
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