Beyond Meat


This is a University level branding project. 

I chose to re-brand the plant-based meat alternative produce company Beyond Meat

to help their branding better portray their core values and reach out the correct audience.

The result is a brand that stands out in both meat markets and vegan markets by incorporating as few design normatives as possible which makes this a challenger brand. The bright colours are chosen to stand out wherever the products are placed. The hand-rendered type is a reference to

a hands-on approach to cooking. And the upside down type is a literal call to flip the meat industry on its head.

Fun Fact: This is first and only time I created a fully functional website during my time as a student.

beyond meat logo

Original Logo

Student Work

University of Plymouth

Beyond Meat logo
Beyond Burger packaging
Beyond Sausage packaging
Beyond Beef packaging
Beyond Chicken packaging
Beyond Meat poster
Beyond Meat website